Watch Damian Lazarus’s sunrise performance at Day Zero Tulum 24′

Watch Damian Lazarus’s sunrise performance at Day Zero Tulum 24′

Now available on Beatport’s YouTube channel.

Photo Credit: Damian Lazarus – Facebook

Damian Lazarus just shared his sunrise performance at this year’s  Day Zero, a fusion of natural beauty, mythology, and excitement. This live recording captures the essence of the infamous festival organized by the Crosstown Rebels crew.

Damian Lazarus stated, “These three hours could be one of the best sets I’ve played for some time. I rarely release recordings of my sets, and filmed recordings are even less common. Producing a film like this is a significant decision, as I believe it’s challenging to encapsulate the true nature of the festival on a screen. Nevertheless, we decided to give it our best shot by inviting Director Zach Toupin and his team. This included six cameras, a drone, and seven directional mics around the main stage. I believe this three-hour film transports you to the heart of this stunning, unforgettable morning, capturing the many special moments that happen right before your eyes.”

The Day Zero experience is built on immersion and cultural connectivity, bridging the ancient world with modern mankind. From sunset to sunrise, each moment is interlaced with the venue’s energy.

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Watch Damian Lazarus’s performance at Day Zero below.

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