Watch Michael Bibi’s comeback set at Solid Grooves Ibiza

Watch Michael Bibi’s comeback set at Solid Grooves Ibiza

After battling lymphoma.

Photo credit: Michael Bibi – Official

After a challenging battle with (CNS) lymphoma, a rare type of brain and spine cancer, the 33-year-old British tech house DJ and producer, Michael Bibi, recently surprised partygoers at the Solid Grooves closing party in Ibiza, delivering an unforgettable set at DC-10.

In an emotionally charged moment, the artist took the decks for the first time since publicly announcing his cancer diagnosis in the past June, which led to the cancellation of all his upcoming gigs. However, with determination and resilience, he made his triumphant return to the music scene.

Bibi’s diagnosis was met with great concern from his fans and the industry alike. The news of his illness resulted in the cancellation of his residency at Ibiza’s renowned venue, DC-10, and all future shows. Nonetheless, his positive outlook is inspiring, as he shared earlier this year that his initial round of treatment yielded promising results, with the tumor shrinking by 40%.

Watch Michael Bibi’s awe-inspiring comeback set at Solid Grooves Ibiza below.

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