Watch Viviana Casanova’s special ‘Vassnova City’ streaming

Watch Viviana Casanova’s special ‘Vassnova City’ streaming

90 minutes of Vassnova’s music.

Viviana Casanova and her label Vassnova have successfully concluded the ‘Vassnova City’ EP series. To celebrate this achievement, she has hosted an exclusive streaming event at the Skate Agora in Barcelona.

The ‘Vassnova City’ series consists of nine EPs, each featuring unique cover art. It combines captivating visuals and sounds to create a meticulously crafted microcosm. This project is the result of Viviana’s musical vision, the creative talents of graphic artist Be Fernandez, and contributions from eight emerging producers. The series concluded with the release of ‘Move That Body’ by Tom Weatherill on October 20th, 2023.

To commemorate this special occasion, the Vassnova City streaming showcased a live performance by Viviana Casanova at Skate Agora. The event featured 90 minutes of music, including both released and unreleased tracks from her label, Vassnova. Skate Agora, a skatepark and cultural hub for urban movements, served as the venue for this event.

“The history of the label and the evolution that I have had musically are displayed in this hour and a half of streaming. The best way to understand the musical genre that identifies me as an artist and Vassnova as a musical project, is by listening and watching these 90 minutes of 100% Vassnova tracks published and unreleased,” Viviana commented.

The event was made possible through the collaboration of Triple AAA Studio, Backline Pro DJ, and Esteban; also including skaters Joan, Mateo, Alex, Adrian, and Alex, and sponsored by different brands such as Hurley Europe, and Dr Martens Spain.

Watch Viviana Casanova’s live performance at Skate Agora below.

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