‘What Is House’ is Hotboxx’s new house single

‘What Is House’ is Hotboxx’s new house single

Available now via Stashed.

Photo credit:   Hotboxx – Official

Miami-based producer Hotboxx has released his latest house track titled ‘What Is House’. The track is now available through Stashed.

‘What Is House’ starts with a processed vocal sample, setting the stage for a journey driven by a steady beat, funky rhythmic elements, and a catchy chordal line. An underlying bassline and uplifting horn melody join the mix, while a bouncy synth guides the listener through the track. Inspiring vocal chops and a groovy low-end add a hypnotic vibe to this captivating and lively production. ‘What Is House’ offers an exciting and refreshing auditory experience.

Listen to ‘What Is House’ below and download your copy here.

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