Why is #SPOTIFYCORRUPT trending on X / Twitter?

The hashtags #SPOTIFYCORRUPT, #HYBECORRUPT, and #GEFFENRECORDSCORRUPT are all trending on X / Twitter after obvious errors and modifications by Spotify.

HYBE is the Korean music firm behind BTS, Blackpink, and different Ok-pop stars, and Geffen releases their music within the U.S.

The controversy started when “Gradual Dancing,” the primary observe of BTS member Kim Tae-hyung’s solo debut album “Layover,” all of the sudden fell from #1 to completely off the chart on September 14th.

Followers of different Ok-pop artists additionally accused the streamer of different chart and knowledge errors and manipulations.

Fan outrage intensified after BTS member Jungkook, who had been probably the most streamed Ok-pop soloist on Spotify globally in 2022, all of the sudden fell to #2 after Spotify adjusted its rating and put Blackpink member Lisa at #1.

Spotify doesn’t share its standards for the rating on a lot of its charts, however apparently, it didn’t embrace counts from a number of songs and Jungkook collabs, together with one with Charlie Puth on the track “Left and Proper,” which has 400+ million streams. Fan speculated that the Puth observe had been neglected of the calculation as a result of Spotify didn’t view it as a Ok-pop track and/or it was a characteristic/collab with Charlie Puth as the first artist for the track.

After intense fan strain, Spotify returned Jungkook to the #1 place with out giving a lot element on what knowledge we now included main followers to accuse the streamer and HYPE of behind-the-scenes knowledge manipulation.

The incident leaves open questions on how Spotify calculates a lot of its charts. As can be anticipated, followers have been ecstatic, for now no less than.

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