Yamaha introduces SEQTRAK, a compact music production station

Yamaha introduces SEQTRAK, a compact music production station

It has a built-in synthesizer, sampler, sequencer, and over 2,000 presets.

Photo credit: Yamaha – Website

Yamaha recently announced the launch of SEQTRAK, a portable music-making device. This all-in-one “music creation station” is specifically designed for musicians who are frequently on the go, providing them with a built-in synthesizer, sampler, and sequencer.

One of the standout features of the equipment is its extensive library of over 2,000 presets, which includes a wide range of sounds such as drums, synths, pianos, pads, and bass. These presets can be easily triggered using the sequencer pads, offering users many creative possibilities. Yamaha also provides an app for customizing presets and creating unique sounds on various devices. With its battery power and built-in speaker, it  allows musicians to create music anytime and anywhere.

SEQTRAK is divided into three sections: drums, synth, and sound design/FX. The drum section offers seven distinct sounds, while the synth section features two sound engines. The sound design section includes performance touch-strips for real-time sound manipulation.

In terms of connectivity, offers Bluetooth MIDI, WiFi, MIDI I/O, USB-C, and an aux input for connecting external equipment and recording samples directly.

The SEQTRAK is available in grey and orange or all-black, with a price of US$ 567. For more information, visit the Yamaha website here.

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