Yamaha introduces upgraded Montage M keyboard

Yamaha introduces upgraded Montage M keyboard

With a new and improved sound engine.

Photo credit:   Yamaha – Website

Yamaha recently introduced the Montage M, an upgraded flagship keyboard with enhanced features. The standout feature of this new product is its new sound engine, which allows for an impressive 400-note polyphony. It includes three sound engines: the AWM2 and FM-X engines from the original Montage, as well as the AN-X sound engine, which provides authentic analog timbres.

The Montage M offers a wide range of patches and comes pre-loaded with approximately ten gigabytes of high-quality sounds. It also offers storage space for custom-designed sounds.

In terms of performance, boasts improved processor speeds and a redesigned user interface, resulting in a more intuitive experience. It is available in three sizes: 61-key, 76-key, and 88-key. The 88-key model introduces polyphonic aftertouch for enhanced expressiveness.

Prices for the Montage M start at £3,219 / US$3,500.

Watch the Yamaha demo showcasing the capabilities of the Montage M below, and find more info about the product here.

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